Guide to Collecting Section W2A Conclave

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This is the first time we have put together a comprehensive collection guide on the sections in and around the State of Utah.  As far as we know this guide is complete.  If you find something that is not here that was issued by one of the sections please let us know and we will update the guide.

To access the guide look at the bottom of the product page and look for the word attachments.  There is a download link there. 

The guide is provided by Mountain Shadow Enterprises at no charge but it is copyrighted.  You are welcome to download it for your personal use. You are welcome to let others know where they can down load it also but we would ask that you not print copies and sell them.  We are trying to encourage others to collect scout memorabilia by making many of our guides available for free on the Boy Scout Store.

The file is large so it may take some time to down load.

Thanks to;

David Munford with Design Arts.  He can be reached at

Carey Beckstead with Celestia Creations.  He can be reached at

And Craig McDaniel with Boy Scout Store and The Scout Market at

The guide is a collaborative efford of several people but the main contributor was Dave Munford from Design Arts.  He did the layout and the pictures.  With the input from Craig McDaniel and Carey Beckstead you are looking at the finished product.

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