Fire Piston Red FireStar - Ferro Rod

SKU r100n00067
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The FireStar features precision CNC manufacturing and state of the art compression fire starting technology!  The compact size is perfect for pocket, pack or belt carry. This Fire Piston also features a hidden firesteel and provides a secondary fire making method. With a single push, tinder placed in the end of the piston is spontaneously ignited by the heat of compression, instantly becoming a glowing ember with no more effort than lighting a match. Literally, fire with air...

Special Features:
  • Patent Pending, 2nd Generation, pressure release valve
  • Replacement O rings stored inside the cap
  • Hiden Ferro Rod
  • Striker
  • Material - 6061 Aluminum
  • Length - 4.25"
  • Diameter - 1.0"
  • Weight - 4.40 oz. / 124 grams

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